This is a replica of a 1930s bungalow. I apologise for the quality of the photography but it was taken using my phone the last time I was down there. We used a reputable local building firm (they are Registered Master Builders) which meant all of the goods and services were sourced locally.


Initially the owners made a special trip to Masterton (location of our head office) to check us and our product out. They moved in to their new home at the end of 2013. Unfortunately my timing to meet them on site was out so, to date, I have no internal shots. The project cost in excess of $1.2m so as you can imagine a lot of the detailing is quite exquisite.

The building firm involved is licensed to Moss Brothers to carry out replicas of period and historic architecture throughout the greater Canterbury region. Therefore if you’d an obligation-free, no conditions apply meeting, a representative of this firm they can do this on our behalf.

If you have any questions or comments please ask them using the ‘Enquiry’ section of the website or phone on 06-370-2058.

Oh just one last thing, you have our permission to forward this or anything else by Moss Brothers on or share it with others that you think could benefit from this advice.



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