Of course with houses build 100 or so years ago very few people had cars so therefore had very little need for a garage. However things have changed just a bit over this time and Moss Brothers is not in the business of replicating the layout and living requirements of that era, just the style and detail.

Today clients will choose how they wish to deal with vehicle garaging generally in one of two ways; they either want internal access (generally for security, protection from the weather and ease of unloading groceries etc into the house) or a separate garage because this detail is more sympathetic to period architecture.

When building with an internal access garage it’s always going to match the house detailing simply because it attached. However from my own personal point of view my preference is for separate buildings as with this kind of architecture the look of internal access garaging distorts what we are setting out in attempting to achieve.

However, because designing and building a replica does generally costs more to build the separate garage is often compromised – i.e. the garage and house are not consistent in architectural design. But there is a solution to place a cap on the cost of the garage and that is to just have the walls that are seen match the architecture of the house and the rear walls in something far more cost efficient.

In this photo the owner has elected to have weatherboards on the front elevations and corrugated colour-steel on the back. Simple, effective, low maintenance, easy, and cost effective.

Looks good but cost effective.

Looks good but cost effective.

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