I had a phone call the other from a couple that renovated their house last year. I was asked what I believed had caused the joints in the weatherboards to swell up. Unfortunately this sort of thing is a result of the carpenters not taking enough care or not knowing.

Weatherboard Cuts Not Primed Properly

Weatherboard Cuts Not Primed Properly

Wooden weatherboards homes can look absolutely amazing, especially when trims are picked out in different harmonizing colours. Properly built and finished the paintwork should last at least 15 years before needing to be touched up or redone – properly means; reliant on the tradesmen follow some basic rules.

Firstly it’s critical that the moisture content of the boards supplied by the merchant does not exceed 15% when they arrive on site (and they are kept dry once there). Secondly, before the boards go anywhere near the house walls they should be checked to make sure there are no sharp or square edges (we call it arrising) along each board. Each board then receives a re-prime and 2 undercoats – remember this is before they are fitted to the walls.

And finally the tradesmen give each cut they make a very GENEROUS coating of primer so that it oozes out of the mitre or joint when fitted to the wall. Oh, of course boards must be nailed properly/correctly.

You may have noticed initially I blamed the carpenter then went on to say the merchant must supply the boards at the correct moisture content with all sharp edges removed. I then said that the boards must be pre-undercoated before being fitted. Personally I believe that the only person in a position to make sure these things happen is the carpenter or builder. It’s called ‘attention to detail’ and having an understanding and appreciation as to what will happen one or two years after completion when all of the tradesmen are long-gone.

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