This article was provided by Mona Quinn of Callidus Architects.

Moss Brothers has a professional relationship with Mona. She specialises in the architecture to renovate and restore old NZ villas and bungalows etc whereby Moss Brothers designs and builds them new from scratch. Both options have pros and cons and both options appeal to different tastes and requirements. Anyway, here’s what Mona says are the some of the biggest mistakes made when renovating (if the link below gets lost email me at and I’ll forward it to you) :

First of all, a big thank you to Julian Moss, for inviting me to write this piece for his blog. Over the last year or so, Julian and I have had some great conversations around character villas and bungalows and found we share a mutual interest in these grand old ladies.

I love old buildings. I love that you can find a nook or comfortably lean against a column or perch on a corner molding whilst sipping a coffee, waiting for your friends or just observing life. If you have not noticed, look again. Observe how we slow down around old houses, stop, have a look and appreciate.

Hundred years on they still hold sway.

We are still immensely attracted to them. Character homes or villas/bungalows are still amongst some of the most popular house styles in our cities today. They continue to fetch higher prices when sold in the real estate market and people gush about them.? Let?s drive down such and such street ? it is so nice to come through this neighbourhood.

Old houses have a charm all their own.

The perennial struggle, however, is how to best live in them with our changing needs. Charm doesn?t always translate into liveability. Often we need to renovate them or even replace large parts of the existing built fabric to update these old villas and bungalows to suit our modern lifestyle.

Deciding to build or renovate is a big financial, emotional and time consuming investment. Make sure you have done the research, before you start digging.

For a free copy of our booklet outlining the most common mistakes people make when renovating click here or contact Julian.

Happy building!

Mona Quinn ? ? Character Renovation Specialists.



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