Replica Buildings Don’t Have To Cost The Earth

We’re often asked the question, “Why are Moss Brothers homes so much more expensive”? Of course we have to be very tactful in how we reply but we usually say, Compared to what”?

You may have read in our literature that we have a saying on costs and goes like this, “It doesn’t what you build or who you build with the equations is the same; size only impacts on price by about 25%”. Take a moment to think about that and by doing so we think you’ll appreciate what it means.

The damage is caused by the chosen fittings, fixtures, finishings, the degree of complexity and detail. We don’t set the price; you do by tell us what’s important to you. The house in this article cost just $1700.00 per sq m/2 and I think it’s a really good example of what is achievable if budget is limited. However we usually suggest not to allow for less than $2,200.00 per sq m/2, with the average Moss Brothers project being around $2,700.00 per sq m/2, with some projects even exceeding of $4,000.00 per sq m/2.


Did we set these higher figure? Of course not. The steps are; you start with a particular look in mind. You then describe the living spaces you need – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and decks etc. Next is discussed what’s import to you in the way of finishings. We then introduce budget and play around with the aforementioned to mould a package that works for you.

We unashamedly charge what we charge because when working with the detail that’s required in making a new house look old we seldom use industry-minimum materials. Most clients we work with are very demanding and that fine so long as they don’t mind paying for the people we need to employ to achieve the result they demand.

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