Today I’m going to talk about the increase of all things digital at home, what can be a problem and what to do about it.

Just recently we had fibre installed and connected at home by Chorus. By all accounts they did a very good job but highlighted a problem that comes about as a result of a combination of the new fibre router and auxiliary distribution boards.

What’s happening is more and more new homes are installing auxiliary distribution boards which are used as the initial entry point for telephone, television and data before being distributed via a patch-panel to various termination locations of the house to service the intended device/s. We’re going wi-fi I hear you say and that’s fine but hard-wiring data cables is sometimes preferred for 2 main reasons; speed and security.

There is no question that distribution boards are the only way to go. Everything is in once place which makes it so much easier for technicians – and therefore cheaper for you when adding even more IT stuff or future-proofing. However Chorus were telling me that the biggest problem with distribution boards is that they are generally made from steel and wi-fi finds it difficult to penetrate steel – not impossible, just difficult.

As a conclusion, if need, must have, or enjoy/love the freedom and mobility of wi-fi with security and speed being less important (only by a fraction anyway), then these ceiling dome transmitters look like the next best thing to hard-wire cabling.

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Wi-Fi Ceiling Domes

Wi-Fi Ceiling Domes

Auxiliary Distribution Boards

Auxiliary Distribution Boards

The information about the ceiling domes was provided by:

Brad Curtis-Smith | Computer & Information Systems Manager

Ohnyx IT Solutions Ltd

021 IT BRAD (021 482 723)





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