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Alternative Energy – A red-hot topic with a green solution – believe it?

I wish to introduce Greg Hoskins – Hoskins Energy Systems Limited (HESL).  HESL have, over the past 20 years, installed an enormous range or combination of ‘alternative energy’ systems into Moss Brothers building projects throughout the country. Over the years Greg has become some-what of an authority in this specialist field to the point BRANZ consult with him. He was also involved in the design and build of New Zealand’s (to date) largest alternative energy system on the remote Motutapu Island. If he can do this for DoC then he sure can provide a solution for you.

Greg claims a zero ($0.00) power or energy bill – it’s a big call

From Greg Hoskins:

For most of us our Dream Home is warm in winter and cool and airy in summer. Your Dream Home will provide you with all the modern comforts and amenities, but often at the expense of high ongoing energy costs.

These high energy costs hit us in the pocket with energy bills for electricity, gas, and firewood, as well as an ongoing impact on the environment. Over the life time of a home this equates to thousands of additional dollars spent on energy and high carbon emissions.

The best way to achieve low energy costs is to plan well before you build or renovate.   Plan your home for maximum solar gain in winter and good shading in summer. Insulate to the highest levels, plan and install energy efficient lighting with compact fluorescents or LED lighting.

Choose appliances based on the lowest energy usage and low stand-by power consumption. Installing additional controls (for example towel rail and heating timers) and switches for appliances will insure they only consume power when you want them to. Invest in solar hot water and a woodburner fitted with a wet back, so you remain independent during power outages and reduce your hot water electricity consumption to a minimum.

Zero Power Bills

Have a Zero Power Bill

The next step to further reduce ongoing energy costs is to install a renewable energy power source such as solar, wind or hydro. These forms of energy generation work in tandem with mains power. The energy produced is used in the house first, with excess fed back into the grid giving a credit on your power bill.

With an energy efficient home, moderate consumption and a well designed renewable energy system a zero power bill is achievable for your dream home.

Adding a battery bank to the system will provide power for your home during a mains failure. Your generating system can charge the batteries and provide back-up power for long periods.

Once all these steps have been implemented you can sit back and enjoy your dream home with independence and low running and environmental costs.

A final note from Julian:

Greg claims that there is one thing that will blow his theory of a zero energy bill – Teenagers. The little buggers leave every light on in the house.

Greg talks about wood burners being part of the equation – and he’s right so long as the local bi-laws and national building codes permit or approve the model. Oh, there is another small matter – fuel or fire wood. Greg says he sends his wife (Sue) out to collect it. How do the lyrics go…”and cook me up some bacon and some beans” you know the rest.

Cost – Systems start from $10k

Finally there is an awful lot of information to digest.  My advice is that you contact Greg directly with what’s on your mind and allow him to suggest a system that fits with your lifestyle and budget. Contact him on 0274-475-117 or email him at

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  1. Well enough it is substantially told. It completely agree and support. In my opinion the sun energy is very good as the basic energy source for the house.

  2. Sunforce says:

    $10 000 seems like a lot of money, but if it makes you energy independent, it has to be worth investing.

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